I’m currently looking for good job opportunities. I’m not really picky about the job I find. Some titles I’ve held are ¬†Art Gallery Manager Flash Developer Experience Designer Graphic Designer Inventor Creator Story Teller Dish Washer The list goes on. […]

I did development for this NBA site that allowed users to compile a sequence of basketball video clips.  

Noah Comprende is an award winning PBSKids site that I did a variety of Flash programming on for Bluemarker. Noah Comprende can be seen at http://www.pbskids.org/noah

While working at Domani Studios I worked as a programmer for this Flash site for Bumble & Bumble. That allowed users to post their own image and profile to an endless grid of photos of people showcasing their curly hair. […]

I regularly produce art and illustrations that are applied to a variety of things. One of my favorite tools for getting ideas across is a piece of paper and a writing utensil. You can see a lot of my art […]

I always enjoy it when the title of something also describes what that thing is. Boring Conversations with Interesting People is one of those things. One of many personal projects that is on going and I enjoy producing. While the […]

I worked as a Flash developer for this Purex site for Night Agency. The site let you design a tote bag using some cool tools.  

Design Week Open House for Fashionbuddha Helped develop a good experience for people coming to the open house for Design Week Portland. Part of the experience was a photo wall that took 3 images from different angles, later to be […]

MoHDI stands for “Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas” it’s a site that has been a creative depository of mine for over 6 years. There are a lot of things to look at there. Some of the things are quite entertaining. […]